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NEW! X-Treme Ninja Course

The NEW X-TREME NINJA line by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness is ready to test your strength, agility, and endurance. Race through the obstacles, improve your time, and compete with friends! Not for the faint of heart, the X-TREME NINJA courses offer a dozen challenging features such as peg walls, rotating rings, swinging ropes, and much more to come!



NJ-501Slanted Jump Boards (Set of 4)
NJ-506Swinging Ropes (Set of 3)
NJ-508Cheese Walls (Set of 3)
NJ-509Peg Board
NJ-512Spider Web Climber
NJ-513Rotating Cone Wheels (Set of 3)
NJ-514Burmese Floating Bridge (Set of 3)
NJ-515Spider Walk (Set of 3)
NJ-518Swings (Set of 3)
NJ-519Hovering Beam (Set of 3)
NJ-521Toggle Pull-Up Triangles (Set of 2)
NJ-5234Rings, Grip Balls, & Cones (Set of 3 each)

Let Greenfields help you create an X-TREME NINJA Course!

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